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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Second Cup: October's Study

This month the Internet Cafe invites you to indulge in a Second Cup Bible Study with our hostess Natalie Witcher! If fall has you yearning for a Second Cup, we urge you to join us, as we savor the sip!

I am the vine; you are the branches. John 15:5

Easy for Him to say. How often do we take our place as the vine; trying to maintain our own energy? Trying to give ourselves a boost? Trying to grow all the fruit in our lives and still manage laundry, lunches, service, work, and pedicures? How often do we try to become the vine and use our superwoman arms to be superbranches?

It doesn't work very well.

Discover with me exactly what it means to be a branch over the course of 12 lessons starting October 6th.

Well take a walk around the Vineyard every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to get a good look at the Vine, run our hands down the branches, and discover Fruit that we could never produce on our own.

Just click The Vineyard below for your Second Cup!


I hope you'll join me!
Natalie @
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