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Sunday, November 4, 2007

THAT Kristen

Kristen is THAT know the one. You've watched her children throw a fit in the grocery store and seen her with her kids lined up at the emergency room for stitches. She is a part of THAT family. Kristen blogs to assure moms they are not alone. If it can happen, she's probably already written about it. It also helps her deal with her topsy turvy world. She has been married to THAT man for nearly 14 years and is mom to three hilarious kids. She and her husband served for more than a decade as Youth and Children's Pastors. Kristen now spends her free time cleaning up vomit, volunteering at church and her kid's school and drinking sweet tea. She is addicted to the southern beverage, but is currently seeking help. One of Kristen's goals is to minister to moms, while making them laugh. It's good medicine.

Kristen offers her readers a realistic glimpse into her everyday life. She will write about anything. She's not afraid to address her tight pants, the near-tragic accident with Super Glue and her one-year-old, or her confession about being a nag. She's currently working on a series of posts about her childhood hair trauma entitled, "Sincerely, 'fro me to you."

You can visit her at her personal blog: We Are THAT Family!

What others are saying about Kristen:

"The name of this blog alone drew me in because who actually claims that they are that insane family that everyone stares at in the restaurants or malls? I love how Kristen can laugh at herself and her family. No matter what insane thing happens to them she can write a post that makes everyone wish they were THAT family. And on top of all that she still manages to challenge me to strive for a better relationship with God, my children, and extended family."



Blogger Susan said...

Hey Kristen,

So nice to meet another member of the Blog team!

Guess what? We are THAT family too! Oh, I had so much FUN reading your blog today, you are a hoot!

Thanks for making my Monday funny.

Blessings to you♄

April 28, 2008 at 4:09 PM  

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