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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Amy Brooke

Amy Brooke is originally from Cincinnati, OH. She was involved in the United Methodist Church growing up and became a Christian in the youth group there. Amy migrated west to Indiana where she received her undergraduate degree in Interpersonal Communication and then went on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. She worked with them at Indiana University for 5 years and then moved to Illinois to work with students at Illinois Wesleyan.

While on staff with InterVarsity, Amy co-authored the book Faith on the Edge: Daring to Follow Jesus.

Amy went on to receive her MA in counseling. She has worked with troubled children and families. She is currently working for the local county government.

Amy is active in a local nondenominational church called Crosswind Community. Amy continues love to write. Her frequent theme this year is hope. She is writing a series called the Hope Chronicles on her blog.

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