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Thursday, November 1, 2007


A former special education teacher turned stay at home Mom to 5 home schoolers. ( 4 kids these days - the oldest is now a college sophomore). She considers her jobs as wife and mother to be the coolest roles God has given her. Darnelle has been married for 21 years to the funniest man in the world. A favorite activity in her home is for the kids to see how long it will take Mom to catch her breath after Dad gets her laughing!

Her family is a musical bunch. Dad and the kids play many instruments and Darnelle believes that there is little (if any) music ever written that someone in her family does not possess in one form or another. Other than a brief stint with a guitar in the 5th grade, she is the family's musical misfit.

She has spent years putting her thoughts, musings, and "God adventures" (i.e. life) into numerous notebooks, which she kept in a drawer. After her 12 year old daughter stumbled on and began to read the notebooks and stories, she insisted that Mom should begin blogging. Mom continued with the paper/pencil thing. One day Darnelle woke to hear her daughter say, "I've made a blog for you. Write!" Paper and pencil days were over and she's been sharing her thoughts ever since.

Darnelle has experienced the grace of God in a very real, life changing way. Because of this, she has a strong desire to see people set free from the bondage and the lies of the enemy. Her goal is to see the Life of God's Spirit poured out into every person. She believes that everyone was put on the earth for a specific, God given role and hopefully, she can convince a few folks not to miss out on that.

She looks forward to the amazing things that her amazing God has planned for her and her family and she prepares (just in case) for a ministry to any future musical misfit grandchildren who might inherit her genes.

Read her devotions here.

Visit Darnelle and her thoughts at her personal blog: All Things Work Together

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