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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Natalie Witcher

If waxy chocolate donuts were a food group, Natalie would be the first to make them part of every meal. But, since they aren’t, she’ll keep her head about her and “feast” on what truly is important—the Word of God.

This is the heartbeat of Natalie: the truth taught to others with love and sprinkled with laughter. This is no greater life than one walked with Christ and Natalie enjoys walking it with others.

She is a mom of three and a wife of one. She’s a friend, mentor, movie lover and is convinced that when ever a lazy thunderstorm rolls in that God ordered it just for her.

She graduated college with a music degree that served her for a time, but soon God revealed that the spiritual gifts He had given her were in writing and teaching. What a journey that has brought! She loves teaching the Word, not just in person, but through the great World Wide Web. It’s an honor and a joy for Natalie to use the gifts God has given her here at the Internet Café!

She’d love it if you’d visit her at her personal blogs: I AM (not) and Stiletto Army.

What others are saying about Natalie:

"Nat is real and HYSTERICAL....She pursues God with PASSION and her studies are amazing!"

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