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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Annie Pettigrew

Annie always thought someday she would be an author, what she didn't know is how deeply a near drowning accident of her daughter Isabelle would change her life forever. This accident changed her heart and her faith. She learned to rely on God in a deep and profound way that she never before could have imagined. Overcoming has been a great life lesson and she knows that God is her ever present help in any trouble that comes to her.

She began writing updates on her daughter Isabelle's blogspot and then started writing a little of everything on her own blog. It has become a great outlet for her thoughts and also a wonderful place to make Christian friends who otherwise she would never know.

Annie taught prison ministry for about five years, coordinating services and helping a group of female inmates, these days she teaches the teen girls at her church on Sundays.

With four children, three dogs, five goats, and a horse... life is never boring!

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