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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

He's Calling YOU

I sit and wait nervously for him to appear. It seems to take forever. My palms sweat, my stomach churns. "Please don't let me be sick. Not here. Not now. Please Lord", was my silent plea.

The khaki colored pants and shirt does nothing but emphasize his haggardness and aging. I smile with tears in my eyes as he looks my way. As he finds his way to me, moving past the other men all dressed the same, I see a look of tremendous shame in his eyes. He tries to hide it, but it's there nonetheless. To turn around now would only bring more pain than we've already felt.

I stood, we embraced, but not too long for the men in uniforms would separate us. We sit. Small talk begins. All the months of wonder and questions fade away as we talk. About nothing.

Then his eyes flood. He begins to tell about his Bible Study friends. Bible Study? Yes. And he's leading the group. My eyes fill as well, remembering a statement his mother told me years ago.

"Your daddy was called to preach".

But instead, he ran in the opposite direction. But His Father knew how to capture his full attention. See, this man's mother had prayed, "Lord, save my son no matter what it takes."

Years have passed, the man's mother is gone Home to her Father, yet God still answers prayers. Distance and time have no meaning for He heard that prayer and the merciful Father gave the man opportunity upon opportunity. So many chances and ways in which He could have turned his back on the wrong path and chose to travel with Him---the One who called.

Yet he did not.

However, time and circumstances have a way of changing a person. The man does what he can to answer the call today. Although the Bible Study does not take place in a comfortable home, nor a church Sunday School room. A prison cell and sometimes the day room holds his small congregation. The conversations are quietly spoken at first. Then, as he realizes he has nothing left to loose, more boldly will he speak. Soon.

How many times have you heard the Father call you to a task?

Have you offered other ideas?

Easier options?

Perhaps you feel less educated than the others--who seem so more qualified. (That's been my excuse.) Or, maybe you feel the task beyond you financially. Could be you feel too old? (I've heard that excuse too. I think I actually asked the LORD why He would ask me for something now, at my age!)

Listen, your age, weight, or even shoe size has nothing to do with your calling. But every bit to do with your willingness. Your lack of ability does not even matter, if you have a willing heart.

God uses those who seek to be used. Those who long to feel the Holy Spirit course through their veins and skin--coming forth with power and victory on the other side of a trial!

Today, while it's early in the year, determine in your heart not to wait until you've run out of excuses and He has had to "place" you where you can't run any further. Run to Him with open arms and heart of obedience and put everything you own on the altar. Give it all up to Him--and He will give to you what you need for the journey.

"Now what I am commanding you today is not too difficult for you or beyond your reach...." Deuteronomy 30:11 NIV

Read Deuteronomy 30:11-20 for your devotion today! You just might find a note from God inside those words!

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