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Friday, January 1, 2010


It was a dark and stormy...Okay it really wasn't but I've always wanted to use those words.

However, there was a power outage for several hours and the Lord is good.

He had blessed us with beautiful weather that day, so it really didn't throw us off. The sky was a beautiful blue, that reminded me of a clear lake with minimum clouds in the sky and a gentle wind that blew consistently.

We opened up the windows to let the fresh air in and it felt like silk was pouring in and settled on things that were non-powered, like a book, to help past the time.

It hit me how dependent that we are on technology for all our needs.

If the power outage had lasted any longer, I knew that I would have to ration how often we opened the refrigerator, find the lighter fluid and charcoal to use the grill, since the stove wouldn't work and so on.

How did we go so far that if something happened, we couldn't fall back as easily?

Imagine what our ancestors had to do without technology and yet, they made it.

This brought to light a more revealing revelation, how much reliance do we have to fall back on our Father's Word when we really need it the most.

It's amazing, with today's latest advances, that you can download His entire Word on a phone or look it up on a computer, but during a previous hurricane, we learned very quickly that technology is fleeting and not always reliable. Even technology has its limits.

Many try to convince me to get "hi-tech" with my Bible. They tell me to just get a phone that I can download it on, but my prevailing argument has always been, "I don't know His word well enough to hide it in my heart if I need to know it." If something happens and I can't access the internet or power the phone, what use is it having a Bible on my phone then?

At least with my hardcopy, I don't have to power it up.

It's always "Charged up" and I can access it anytime, anywhere, and the signal is always strong. I don't have to worry about asking Him if He can hear me, because I know He can hear me through the darkest of storms. He can hear me on a clear, blue day, the same as He hears me in the midst of a power outage.

This isn't an advocacy for "roughing it," as a matter of fact, we've talked about camping and I'm all for that so long as there's a shower with hot water available withing a few feet, but sometimes, it's okay to not go "techie" with everything in life.

My Bible is pretty worn and has notes written in it.

There is a page that my youngest, at one time, pen in hand, marked up. It makes that Bible a keeper now. I plan on passing it on to my youngest, as a reminder that some things may change, but God's Word is always the same and never changes.

Unlike a phone, that every year (or few years), gets upgraded, His word, will remain the same.

The value of that Bible is that it has handwritten notes and prayers that I've prayed and called out to God. It is filled with reminders of birthdays that are etched there and reminders of events that were significant enough to be written down to be reminded of how faithful God has been, even in the most challenging times.

More than anything, it is a reminder that when the power goes out, and the phones don't work, are we prepared? Do we know enough of Him that we know we can turn to Him no matter what the circumstances are, because unlike us, He is ageless.

"Thy word IS a lamp"...I like how the NKJV translates this scripture.



No,"other options".


Yes, it's great to have the latest phone that can do everything.

His word opens up what no other can and honestly, it helps me, having an actual book. It's comforting to me to have something that is warm and tangible and not cold and indifferent like a phone.

That day, that power outage was a blessing, because I noticed that things went quiet.

No phone calls.

Sometimes, we need to have those power outages in our life. The Lord uses those times to remind us, that in the end, our phones, our computers, our air conditioning are all temporary things that will come and go from our lives.

We have to be prepared by getting to know Him, by drawing close to Him, by really seeking Him. In those moments of our lives, when the motor on our sailboat fails, we can just lift up the sails instead and let Him guide us.

It's great to use today's technology to listen to His Word, or find His Word in a flash, but there are times when we need to be prepared too, to get to know Him and face Him without any technology.

Heavenly Father, I thank You for the reminders and challenges and convictions, You bless us with each day, Lord.

I pray You keep reminding us, that no matter what, You are always ageless and faithful and we have no fear that You will "go out" without warning, but will continue to pursue us and call us to continue to pursue You.

Pray that as a New Year is upon us, that You watch over those who are in need of You. Please touch the lives of those who don't know You yet, and encourage those who do know You.

In Your Son's Name, I pray,


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Anonymous Laurel@FromMyHeartToYours said...

Vida, thank you so much for this. What a beautiful reminder!

We live in Boonsville (northern Canada), 2 hours from ANYTHING AT ALL. Our power goes out ALL THE TIME. Once when I was 8 months pregnant and it was -40C, the power was out for 70 hours! We managed just fine.

I love the way you describe the's a soothing balm to my weary heart. It's the breeze on a warm day. I love the way the pages feel and the way His heart touches mine when I'm with Him, reading.

Thanks so much for this. May He bless you immeasurably, with enough power outages to keep you on your toes but not enough to give you trouble! :)

January 5, 2010 at 7:32 PM  

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