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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Julie Todd

Julie is a 50 year old mother of five. She just celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary. She has been home schooling her children for 16 years. She has been in church her whole life, but been following God, whom she calls Papa, for 28 of those years.

Born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee she was given the opportunity to study under Kay Arthur of Precept Ministries for several years. This gift gave her a love for digging into the scriptures. Kay was the first person to teach Julie how to find the meaning of the scriptures written in their original Hebrew or Greek language. Julie loves a good treasure hunt and is known to take verses apart asking Papa how they apply to her life today. She has learned that Papa loves a good treasure hunt.

She has a heart for women. She always wanted to be a cheerleader in her high school days but never made the team. Now she finds that Papa allows her to cheer for women as they walk their journey towards Him. She loves to teach people about the heart of Papa and His great love for them. She spent many years living as a religious woman thinking that she had to perform her way to God. She was a woman of striving and performance hoping that what she did would be enough. But Papa, who is great in mercy and kindness, began to pursue her, alluring her into the desert where He could speak tenderly of His finished work for her. Since that time He has been revealing to her who she really is and teaching her to live in her true identity and His perfect love. She has found freedom and healing in Christ.

Her passion is to tell others. She writes from her heart and her life's experiences. Papa speaks to her through word pictures with spiritual truths.

She has been a speaker and teacher at churches' women's events. She loves speaking and teaching women of all ages about the relentless pursuit of Papa towards them. She hopes to encourage women to live in their true identity, knowing that Christ finished the work, abolished the law, and made all things new. She has found a vibrant relationship with Him and enjoys resting and being still in His embrace.

She prays that her words will reflect His heart in a way that will give people an intimate view of their Papa.

She lives in Ellijay, Georgia with the love of her life and her blessings from heaven.

What others are saying about Julie:

"Julie is the most passionate writer and always brings such deep insight in to some of the simplest things in life. It is clearly evident that God is #1 in her life."

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