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Sunday, January 2, 2005

Cafe Chat Meme

Café Chat is the Internet Café's weekly meme! On Thursday of every week there will be a new open ended question for us to chat about and your objective is to write a response to the question of the week and then post it on your blog!

A good question can change your life. You don’t believe me? What about questions like, “will you marry me?” or “do you want to have a baby?” A simple yes or no to either of those questions could change the direction of your whole life. Are you convinced yet? If you are convinced about the fact that questions can change your life than we are at a good starting place, and if you are not sure yet, stick with me over the coming months to see if you change your mind.

In my past, I have been asked questions that changed my life, and I am not talking about the kind of questions I presented in my opening statements. I believe God has used people to ask me questions, or even at times I feel like God has asked me a question in my heart that needed an answer. My answer to those questions changed the direction of my life. Sometimes, in small ways, and a few times in major life changing ways.

My hope for “Café Chat” is that God will use the questions I post weekly to change your life in some way, big or small. The questions themselves are not what is going to change your life; it will be the answers you give to the questions. Even more specifically, it will be your actions to your answers. A word of advice, no true change that will stick long term will happen to your life if you leave God out of the plan. God through His wonderful son, Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit will change our behaviors, actions, and even our lives. Without God we can do nothing, and with Him all things are possible.

In closing, I will leave you with a challenge, and know that I am challenging myself at the same time. Live out through Christ’s power the answers to your questions, and in the process I hope we will bring honor and glory to Jesus.

Your fellow servant,
To Know Him (aka: Kim)

The question for each week is listed below:

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