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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Café Chat November 22nd

Recently, in my women’s Bible study class, all attending were challenged to read Hebrews Chapter 11 daily. Although, I have not read Hebrews 11 daily, I have read it several times in the last few weeks. I have heard Hebrews 11 referred to as the “Hall of Faith” where many biblical figures are commended for their faith in God. Our church is doing a series right now on “Heroes of the Faith”, which I thought was so timely as I am reading about many “Heroes” in Hebrews 11. So today’s question gets its inspiration from Hebrews 11.

Who are some real life “Heroes” of the Faith that you know? Why would you refer to him/her as a “Hero”? (Although, it would be great if it was someone you personally know, it is ok to also name someone you do not know, but still think he/she a “Hero”)


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Blogger Woman on a Mission said...

A Biblical hero for me, aside from our amazing and wonderful Savior, is Jeremiah. I'm in seminary and I'm wrapping up a fall class on Intro to the Hebrew Bible. Jeremiah was the one prophet we studied who really popped out at me as someone I could relate to. He was a man who stood up against the status quo of his time, irregardless of the pain it caused him. He wasn't afraid to confront injustice. All to often, we see things that we know are wrong but for a number of different reasons, we justify to ourselves why we're not doing or saying anything. If you haven't before or in a long time, spend some time with Jeremiah.

As for other heroes...there are so many and none of them wear capes. My grandparents who went through the dust bowl and poverty as farmers, the soldiers who have kept me safe, the man down the street with the prostetic leg who never gives up and can be seen running our neighborhood every morning, the pizza delivery man who showed up at my door who should be enjoying retirement but is delivering pizzas to someone like me at his age so he can have money to pay for his wife's cancer medication, the nurse who doesn't sleep a wink but stays up all night rocking the baby fighting for her life in the NICU. So many heroes.

November 22, 2008 at 2:01 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Just a question. What happened to Christian Women online's website? I keep getting a domain error message? I am so sad to see it gone.
Any thoughts?

November 22, 2008 at 2:50 PM  

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