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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Elaine Bateman

Her love for missions began in earnest as a young woman traveling with her parents as each shared the Gospel of Good News of Jesus Christ with the indigenous mountain peoples of her homeland. She has done a remarkable job raising her large unique blended family of 16, homeschooling most of her children to high school age, working with the homeless in large southern U.S. cities and as a featured women's conference speaker. Elaine has used her language skills for the Learning Company and their well known, "Learn to Speak Spanish" teaching series. She often quips about her being recognized by millions of people who can't recall where they have seen her before! Her writings on motherhood in the Christian family has been published in Successful Stepfamily Magazine. Her life story and issues related to women's health has gained her exposure in other public mediums such as Family Circle Magazine, USA Television Network and as a weekly women's health blogger. Her husband Cody describes Elaine as the epitome' of motherhood and wife, a truly "Proverbs 31" woman.

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Blogger Jungle Mom said...

I am so glad you came by my blog! I know where El Pao is!

January 19, 2008 at 8:06 PM  
Blogger William Bateman said...

That is so great! What is your email? You can send it here or to my email at!

I would love to hear what you do there in my dear Venezuela!

Love in Him,

I lived in the American Camp of El Pao. My dad worked for the American Government.

January 20, 2008 at 7:29 AM  
Anonymous dstaats said...

I am completely impressed. I would love to chat with you sometime and catch up on all that our Awesome God has done in your life. You were always so sweet.

I pray for your family that I know and now I will add 16 kids and husband to the list when praying for you.

The blog on the prodigal was great.

I would love to see more of your writing.

I also would love to know more about you working with the homeless. I provide free counseling to the homeless, single moms, abused women, and their children.

Love in Christ,
Daniel D. Staats

November 29, 2008 at 7:36 AM  

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