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Saturday, January 1, 2005

Welcome to the Internet Café!

Grab a steaming hot cup of something and sit on down, we are blessed that you have stopped in to join us! It is ultimately our prayer that the Café will provide a “daily cup brimming with blessings” to each friend and visitor.

Every corner café offers “blends” that weave together coffees or teas that embrace different origins to create a unique experience. We, at the Café, are honored to have a “blend” of Christian women each with a unique passion for sharing God’s love. As each blend is unique and distinct, so are our writers, bringing her own flavor to the Café.

Each distinctly different ~ Each purposeful and passionate.

The Internet Café unites women of faith; unites women through the exhortation, edification and encouragement of each other through God’s guiding hand. We seek to unite women regardless of our stage of life or the signs that mark our church doors. Passionately we believe that through our written words we can support women on their own personal journey of faith, inspiring them to live as true disciples.

The devotionals will always uplift and never condemn. They will be rooted in Scripture, and offer reflections and prayers. Our purpose is to UNITE women of faith, encourage each other on life’s journey, and create an environment that is welcoming to each and every person who stops by for a “cup.” May you leave with a cup “brimming with blessings.” Psalm 23:5

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*This blog was originally founded by Darlene Schacht and is associated with Christian Women Online Digital Magazine but it is now individually owned and operated by Lori Macmath and Amy Grant Bayliss.

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