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Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Gina is a 45 year old mom to two teenagers. She has been married for 20 years. She loves being at home and being there for her family first, and then anyone who shows up at her door. She and her family live on the campus of a Christian college, where her husband is on staff.
Gina was led to the Lord by her mother at a very young age. Watching her mother live out being a full time wife and mother put with her heart the desire to marry and stay home with her family as well. She is living her dream!

Since her mid 30's, Gina has had a growing burden to reach out and encourage women. After hearing many young women express that there are not many "older women" (as stated in Titus 2:3-5) out there, Gina has had the desire to fill that role in any way she can. This led her to start a blog, last year, based on Titus Two. You can find that blog here: .

What others are saying about Gina:

"I love how this blogger uses affectionate terms to describe her family and she tells us the good and the bad. In a humourous and real way! She also is faithful to respond to those who post. I am enjoying her married life excapades as I am a single gal who can only imagine such joyful chaos.. :D love this girl and love this blog!I love the idea and title of this blog."

"Gina is real. She comes across as completely unpretentious and totally in love with Jesus. I feel like I'm on a high-class website when I visit too. Her kind spirit shows in her writing. She is not only in love with her Lord, but I sense she really cares about her readers."

"Gina at Chats With an "Old Lady" is a woman I truly wish I lived close to. She is a mentor to me, though I only have her short articles to read via her blog. I stop there daily and am always spurred to love like Christ and to be transparent in my life with others. Her cup is overflowing and spilling into me!"

"Gina has the wisdom of an "old lady" that keeps me coming back!"



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